Our hours vary by season.

Please call us at 508-336-5587 for start times.


We feel that participating in the harvest of crops is an important aspect of the total total farm experience and we invite you to join us.

Our “Pick Your Own” (PYO) season begins in early June with strawberries. We have tractor rides out to the field in the mornings and they are open until the evening or until they are picked out. About the same time, we have PYO peas. For those of you that have never had a fresh pea, let me tell you they are even better than the strawberries.

The PYO flower garden opens around the end of June and continues until a hard frost, sometime in September. PYO raspberries come next toward the end of July and continue until mid September. To wrap out the season we have PYO pumpkins. Again, the tractor will take you out to the field, drop you off at the start of a small corn maize, and pick you up after you have selected a pumpkin.