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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Four Town Farm History

Four Town Farm is a 150 acre vegetable farm located at the points where Seekonk,Ma; Swansea, Ma; Barrington, RI; and East Providence, RI all come together. The original farm was bought around 1900 by David Peck. His daughter Isabel married Frank Clegg, they purchased some land and had a son, Jack. Jack married Eleanore Bernley and together they had four children, Steve, Pete, Jean, and Tom. Steve’s son Chris now represents the fifth generation to work the land.

At one point or another most other family members have all worked on the farm, and our success can be attributed to their efforts as well. We originally began as a wholesale operation whereby the produce was sold to supermarkets.

In 1972, Four Town Farm started a retail operation, or a “farm stand” where we began selling directly to the public. Today, that farm stand is the primary outlet for all that we grow.

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